Day Training



Let us help you to bring out your dogs very best self!

Our Day Training program is a great option if you want to be a little more hands-on and gain experience along with your dog. We help bridge the communication gap between you and your dog. In this program your dog will be dropped off and stay with us during the day to be taught by a professional trainer, and then picked up to go home in the evenings. You will receive a short overview of what your dog has been learning all day, and then you'll practice at home to reinforce your dogs new skills in between training days. At the end of the program, you'll receive a go-home lesson in which we recap everything your dog has learned, and how to continue training at home. This program is ideal for dogs that just need basic obedience, manners, and social skills. This program is not suitable for dogs with behavior or reactivity issues.

Perfect for puppies 8 weeks and up! Your puppy spends the day in our structured home environment where we will work on...

* crate/house training

*basic manners

*lots of positive socialization with people and other dogs

You'll be sent home with a lesson plan to continue their learning in between school days, and to reinforce everything we've been teaching your pup!


Tailored obedience training for dogs 6+ months old! Your dog will spend the day in a structured home environment and not only learn basic obedience skills, but also manners, and proper neutral social interactions with people and other dogs. Basic obedience commands taught...





*leash skills

You will be sent home every day with a lesson plan to continue your dogs learning in between school days, and to reinforce in your home everything we've been teaching your dog.

5 pack of Day Trips- $1,000

10 pack Day Trips- $1,500

Premier Lesson Program

This is the ultimate comprehensive "learn alongside your dog" program. You and your dog will meet one of our trainers at or near our location once a week for 8 weeks for private training tailored to your dog, you and your dogs needs, and your goals. We start with the basics for a great foundation, and then continue as far as you and your dog can possibly go in 8 weeks. This is a 100% custom lesson program and how far and how fast we progress in training is completely up to you and your dogs capabilities. The sky's the limit!

8 Weeks of private instruction


grayscale photo of person and dog holding hands
grayscale photo of person and dog holding hands

Dog Training "Done With You"


Day Training is great for dogs and puppies of All Ages and All Life Stages!