All Inclusive VIP Off-Leash Program

Let us help you bring out your dogs very best self!

This is the most comprehensive, all inclusive training program you will find! We cover everything, advanced obedience on and off-leash in all situations, socialization, manners, behavior concerns, and anything else that needs addressed. The end result is a dog that can go anywhere with you and be perfectly behaved in all situations!

Your dog will stay with us for a 4-6 week board and train (length dependent on evaluation) for a total mental reset, to learn to live calmly, impulse control, and solid reliability in all areas of training.



stay on place

loose leash walking

distance recall

down at a distance


house manners

After your dog returns home, 12 months of lessons are included to ensure the most reliable transfer of training, to ensure you are completely trained as well, and to continue to address any difficulties you may encounter.

All equipment we use is included and sent home with your dog (e-collar, any training collars used, leash with backup clip, long line, place bed)

You will be set up with everything you need, including a 100% perfectly trained companion!

All inclusive price $7,500